How branded are you?

Unemployed Graduate

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Unemployment rates are shooting sky-high with the advent of progressing globalization. Even a degree is fast becoming the bare minimum of qualifications for potential employees. How then, can the average employee stand out?

Topic 1 has prefaced our current growth as Digital “Residents” Given our efficiency today in online technology, it’s surprising how many are not utilising social media as an advantage in job hunting. (Harris, 2014)

personal branding

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Jobseeking is not the key: self-marketing and branding is.

73% of recruiters hired a candidate simply through social media. (Job Vite, 2014) Imagine yourself receiving a hundred detailed applications each day. How much time would you actually spend looking through or even scanning each?

Having an online professional profile is an faster alternative to the traditional portfolio. By making key information such as contact details and condensed versions of hard and soft skills readily available, the scanning process can be made faster and more efficient.

Give a short summary on your hobbies and interests. Don’t belittle this section. It enables you to showcase personality and demonstrate that your calibre is not limited to just professional qualifications. You’ll be able prove your ability to maintain good work-life balance and display your dedication to commitments by using your leisure time to do something productive. It also shows that you’re ready for challenges! Additionally, creative and unique past-times are plus points that captures the attention of recruiters! (The Employable, 2014)


My Dance Performance! Unique visuals = Stronger impact

The aforementioned are typical points that are commonly neglected. By creating online profiles across different platforms, you can show enthusiasm that can’t be well-expressed in your CV. It also reflects that you’re updated about industry happenings and not fall behind due to unemployment. However, do not attempt to clutter your profiles – only show what your recruiters are interested in and promote your strengths.

LinkedIn is a must-have as most companies often recruit through this platform. Follow companies and important people to attain job notification and updates.


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Join groups to connect and network!

Always integrate all your online profiles so your recruiter can have access to them. No point creating them when they can’t be located! This is when single online identity as aforementioned in our 2nd topic comes into practice. It is best to keep your online profiles consistent.

If all else fails, just take another step and let your creativity run wild.

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This may be critical, humorous and maybe a little too vulgar but this is the cold hard truth. It’s easy to ignore applications. Differentiate yourself by going out of the box and moving on from the outdated system.

If you’re unconfident of your profiles, self-audit your online profiles simply by Googling yourself. (Matt, 2014) Thus, you’ll be able to remove undesirable aspects of your online profile before your potential recruiters discover.

Alternatively, you can seek help from others:

(Source: University of Maryland University College)

Perhaps, you only have that 10 seconds to impress your future employer, Social Media might just be your best shot.


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